Liquid Alkali-free Shotcrete Accelerator

DescriptionDict-FA is a high performance, alkali-free liquid set accelerator for shotcrete applications.

Applications Dict-FA is suitable for both dry and wet spraying processes and it is used for:

  • Support at the face while advancing tunnels and mines
  • Rock and slope stabilization
  • High quality lining shotcrete
  • Benefits

    Dict-FA liquid shotcrete set accelerator has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • High early strength development
  • Alkali and Chloride free
  • No pollution of groundwater by leaching of alkalis
  • Distinct reduction in rebound
  • Improves bond of shotcrete to rock and concrete thus facilitating overhead spraying
  • Distinct reduction of dust
  • How to Use
    The most effective dosage must be determined by trial. Dosage rates will vary according to w/c ratio, materials used, ambient conditions, shotcrete methods used and the requirements of a specific project. For general applications Dict recommends a dosage between 4-8% by weight (45-86 fl.oz/100 lbs) of the total cementitious content. The performance of the Dict-FA will vary according to w/c ratio of the mix. Dosage rates outside the recommended range may be used where specialized materials such as microsilica are specified, extreme ambient conditions are encountered or unusual project conditions require special consideration. The effect of Dict-FA depends on cement type, cement age, cement content and type of subgrade.
    Mixing Dict-FA is dosed and added on-site by a liquid dispensing system. Optimum dispersion in the shotcrete is governed by nozzle configuration and shotcreting techniques. Important information: The concrete temperature should not be lower than 59°F (15°C) when shotcreting in thick layers - 4 inches and above (100 mm and above). Use of Dict-FA requires the technically correct installation of dosing and conveying equipment. Metal components that come into direct contact with the product should be fabricated of stainless steel. Do not use brass parts.

    Combination with other Dict admixtures: Dict-FA is compatible with Dict water reducing, high range water reducing, hydration control admixtures and other admixtures. Trials with local materials is always recommended to verify performance.

    Packaging Dict-FA is available in 55 gallon drum (208 liter), 275 gallon totes (1040 liters) and bulk delivery.
    Storage and Shelf Life Store in stainless steel or plastic container as the low pH of the admixture may cause corrosion if stored in normal steel container, which might affect the performance of the admixture. Protect from direct sunlight, heat and frost. If these conditions are unattainable, Dict-FA may precipitate.

    Shelf life when stored in unopened original containers, protected from direct sunlight and frost and kept at temperatures between 50°F and 86°F (5°C-30°C) is 6 months.


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    Alkali and Chloride free

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