Wuhan DICT TECH Co.,Ltd

Wuhan DICT TECH Co.,Ltd is active in exploiting, producing and selling concrete raw materials since 2003. We provide high quality product at good price. We export materials to more than 20 countries many years.
We have been operating in the traditional construction industry for many years. And we have also started the artificial intelligence and automated production and underwater robot research and investment. We are committed to building a better future.

(1) Quality

We supply stable and reliable materials to our customers.

(2) Price

DICT price is reasonable and profitable.

(3) Convenient

We have modern research and development laboratories and 5000 square meters plant in Wuhan.

(4) Service

DICT team have positive attitude to supply you good materials and technical service!

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Email: info@Dict.com      Cellphone: +86 15 37762 5352
DICT concrete accelerator website: http://www.concrete-accelerator.com
NO.5650 Dongxihu Road Dongxihu Area Wuhan City Hubei - 430024,China