Concrete set accelerator technology exchange and service

Dick Tech Co., Ltd. has a professional technical team, to give our customers the best service and technical support to help users solve the concrete admixture and related technical issues,

to make more scientific advice. Here's a brief description of how to make better use of concrete and concrete admixtures, hoping to help you make more scientific use of concrete and related products .

In recent years, wet injection concrete process due to good construction environment, low rebound, high construction efficiency and other advantages are widely used.

The performance of liquid quick-setting agent is related to the design ratio of shotcrete, and finally affects the performance of shotcrete. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the performance of liquid quick-setting agent accurately and accurately. Concrete set accelerator performance indicators see below:


Dicot DICT-FA liquid alkali-free set accelerator. Solidification time fast. High viscosity rebound low. Do not reduce the late strength. Excellent durability, the most suitable for the use of shotcrete.

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