Non alkali Liquit set Accelerator


The Non alkali Liquit set Accelerator: preparing aluminum sulfate, sodium citrate, polycarboxylate water reducing agent, modifier, stabilizer , thickener, phosphoric acid to adjust the pH value of 4-6, the balance of water.

When the content of quick-setting agent is 4% -6%, the initial setting time is 1.5-3.0min, the final setting time is 5.0-6.0min, and the compressive strength is more than 10MPa at 1d, compared with the blank mortar 28d compressive strength ratio of 100%.

Compared with the traditional Liquit set Accelerator, the Liquit set Accelerator prepared by this method can effectively accelerate the coagulation and hardening of cement paste, and has good adaptability with cement, high strength at late stage, stable system and low dust concentration, and has practical application value. If you need detailed production process and recipe process, Liquit set Accelerator production equipment or finished products please contact us.

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