DICT-FA liquid alkali-free accelerating agent, the main ingredients including sulfate, aluminium and organic alcohol amine,etc. This product has significant effect of quick-setting for concrete, especially useful for quick-setting concrete and the concrete that need to quick hardening. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, no corrosion to reinforced, harmless to human health. This product conforms to China Building Material Industry Standard JC477-2005 Accelerating Admixture for Shotcrete and ASTM C1141/C1141M-08 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Shotcrete.


Technical Performance

  • Low dosage (cement content 5% ~ 8% ). It has significant effect of quick-setting and leads to short interval between initial and final setting time.
  • High early strength of concrete. 1d strength of mortar specimens can be more than 10 MPa,The late strength decreased, after 28 days strength ration reach 100% -110%.
  • Non-alkaline, low CI content(£¼0.01%). No negative effect for the durability of concrete.
  • Good spraying effect, fast hardening, little rebound, less consumption.
  • Micro shrinkage compensation function. It can effectively prevent cracking after spray-up.

  • Application

  • Underground engineering: The supporting and lining of shot concrete of mine roadway, traffic tunnel, hydraulic tunnel, underground railway, and grotto for various applications(underground power station and warehouse, etc.).
  • Rock engineering: The dado of side slope, foundation pit, reservoirs, bank channels, pool and other projects.
  • Restoration and reinforcement engineering: The reinforcement of bridge, sea wall, dam, wharf, cooling tower, chimney, and house building. The repair of building structure problems due to the chemical corrosion, fire, earthquake, blasting impact, overload and incorrect constructions.
  • Protective engineering: All kinds of structure of fireproof and anti-corrosion layer, waterproof and leaking stoppage engineering.
  • Refractory engineering: The construction and repair of the chimney and various furnaces.
  • Usage

  • The dosage is about 5%-8%(to the amount of cementing material).According to the adaptability of cement, temperature and the requirements of construction, to adjust and determine the best dosage within the recommended dosage.
  • Mix the cement, sand and stones together firstly, then mixing with water in the outlet of spraying machine to spray immediately.
  • Precaution for use

  • Must use correct dosage as mixture ration, operation comply with construction specifications.
  • When the spraying, operation must be in accordance with the specification, make sure the uniform, smooth and dense of spraying.
  • When using with other admixture, should check the compatibility first.
  • According to the conditions and requirements of engineering, should make appropriate maintenance as necessary.

  • Package

  • This is liquid product, packaged and transported with plastic barrels , iron barrel or tank trunk.
  • Special package can be done as customer¡¯s requirement.
  • Pay attention to prevent frost and exposed to direct sunlight. Shelf Life is 12 months.


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