DICT Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Flake


    his product is a new generation environmentally friendly, high performance solid (flake) Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer. It can improve the strength, workability andperformance and lower cost than other water reducers. Compared with Liquid PCE Superplasticizer, flake PCE Superplasticizer has higher concentration. Use Flake PCE can Significantly reduce freight costs and production costs, Especially for long distance transportation. Compared with powder Form Polycarboxylate Flake form PCE's production cost and equipment investmentare much lower, and the production process is more reliable and stable.

    2.Technical Performance Index

    NO Test Item Properties Index
    Water reducing Slump retaining Slow release

    Appearance( 20 ℃)

    White flake solid


    Water Content (%)


    3 PH



    Water-reducing rate





    Air Content£¨%£©



    slump loss over a period of 1 hour



    Note: The Flake PCE dosage is 0.24%,Compliance with Standards:ASTM C 494 Type F
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