C50 Shotcrete Low Rebound High Strength Shotcrete



Shotcrete is a pressure injection device to spray the fine stone concrete into the working surface of the base layer to form a concrete layer. Commonly used in the construction of tunnel lining, walls and other thin-walled structure or other structure of the lining and the protective layer of steel structure.
The traditional alkali quickener will corrode the skin to reduce the late strength of the concrete. DICT95 is recommended for alkali-free silica fume (silica fume for shotcrete).
With high efficiency water-reducing agent and liquid alkali-free set accelerator, high strength C50 shotcrete can be formulated and the durability and durability of concrete can be improved.
Under the existing equipment, technology and management level of mine tunnel, it can significantly reduce the rebound rate of shotcrete,
To achieve high strength of shotcrete and can significantly reduce costs. Improve construction efficiency.
For C50 shotcrete, it is recommended to use an alkali-free liquid set accelerator that does not reduce the late strength.
The cement is made of 42.5 Portland cement or 52.5 Portland cement
Silica fume:
The silica fume is made of diclof 95% content of alkali-free silica fume. The amount used is 8-10% by weight of the gelling material.
Gravel grading to use a continuous grade attention to particle size control.
Water reducing agent:
C50 shotcrete requires a sufficiently small water-cement ratio. Therefore, the water reducing agent must be a high water reduction rate is usually selected 30% water reduction rate of polycarboxylate water reducing agent. And the amount of the water reducing agent is adjusted to the maximum.
Set accelerator:
Dicot DICT-FA liquid alkali-free set accelerator. Solidification time fast. High viscosity rebound low. Do not reduce the late strength. Good durability.
Water-cement ratio:
Water-cement ratio is controlled below 0.35. High silica fume and water reducing agent. The higher the water-cement ratio, the higher the strength of the silica fume.
High-strength shotcrete Recommended formula:
DICT95 alkali-free silica fume (silica fume for shotcrete) Suggested dosage 8%
Liquid alkali-free set accelerator

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